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Qingdao Yingde Translation Co., Ltd. has branch offices or offices in Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Nanjing. Qingdao Yingde Translation Co., Ltd.  is a large-scale foreign-related translation service provider in China and is committed to becoming a client's language expert, keeping up with the trend of the times and responding to the national "New Silk Road" policy and storing up a large number of translation talents for the smooth implementation of One Belt and One Road.. Motivational creation: "The New Silk Road, Language Service Experts" for the professionalization of Qingdao translation company.

Qingdao Translation Co., Ltd. has rich industry experience and accumulation, original creation of quality management system, the successful application of advanced management technology and information technology in process control and quality management for the translation and localization, and relying on excellent linguists distributed worldwide, it is to realize the large-scale integrated translation and online quality control and the company has become the leading industrial language service enterprise.

Key industries: automobile, medicine, architecture, finance, energy, chemical engineering, law, communications, steel, railways, aircraft, ships, metallurgy...

Major languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Polish...

Service categories: professional translation, interpretation translation, website translation, localization, multimedia...

Translator guarantees: In accordance with the actual situation of the client, China Eroton Translation is to screen out the alternative translators by computer from the translator's database to satisfy the service needs of the industry. The interpreter factors we assess include: interpreter level, age, gender, academic background, professional background, main industry, service experience, personality traits, physical fitness, team spirit, religious beliefs, and past evaluations. More detailed attention will enable customers to understand translators more comprehensively and bring a good start to cooperation. With more than 20,000 translators in China Eorton database, the number of industry translators and experts is more than 2000, customers can enjoy free alternative interpreter services in case of urgency and deployment needs